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What is the best way to keep energy levels high throughout the day?

Hi There, #1 tip is to NOT multi-task! Nothing tires the mind like multi-tasking. It’s a myth anyway. We’re not doing two things at the same time, but rapidly switching between tasks. #2 is to work in short bursts of focus. You could use 25 min sprints (Pomodoro Technique) or 50 min bursts. #3 take short breaks. Stretch your body, take deep breaths, look into the horizon. #4 stay fuelled. Your brain needs energy to operate! Whole, plant based foods (fruits and vegetables), complex carbs, lean protein and some healthy fats are all the brain food you need #5 stay hydrated. Let thirst be your guide. Your brain needs water. #6 get good sleep and rest. 7–8 hours of rest is the best brain tonic you can ask for, and it’s free! #7 aerobic activity pumps blood to all parts of the body (including the brain) and increases oxygen intake. You’ll feel totally refreshed if you get even 10 mins of cardio - walking, jogging, HIIT in! This video may help too!

Good luck! Sandhya 3 views

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