Getting enough sleep is a significant part of the foundation for achieving good health. Lack of sleep escalates the risk for infections, obesity, and heart disease. Good sleep hygiene is vital for cardiovascular and brain health. Our body releases hormones when we are sleeping and those hormones repair the damaged or over-fatigued cells. Sandhya is a personal life coach in Mumbai and she will show you how proper sleep takes care of various aspects of our body – from balancing our body budgets to regulating physiological functions and from mood to our decision making ability (will power). 



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A healthy nutrition plan has immense benefits such as good heart health, effective digestion, a strong immune system, improved mood, active brain, proper sleep, and also helps in preventing certain autoimmune diseases and some cancers.  Nutrition and diet have become such loaded words in today’s world. Every “expert“ or celebrity you come across has the one golden rule they swear by. But the fact is that the science of good nutrition and sustainable wellness has not changed very much and the basics are often lost because of fads and cherry picking. So there’s no need to indulge in extreme diets or live on vile tasting foods. Additionally, using food as a crutch or replacement for emptiness, boredom or stress creates an unhealthy relationship with food, one that adversely impacts our life. Your wellness coach, Sandhya, will show you how to develop a healthy relationship with foods, how to incorporate healthy eating into the busiest of lifestyles, how to have fun with foods, and how to keep food cravings under check.

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Much like nutrition, almost everyone has an opinion on exercise and the miracles that it could produce. Added to the misinformation, there is social media that has created so much hype around “perfect“ bodies, six pack abs, hyper flexibility, and impossible standards of fitness. In her wellness coaching programmes, Sandhya debunks the fluff, helps you find what will truly work for you, what you can enjoy, make a habit, and how to enjoy true fitness for life! These can be applied at the individual, family or company level. And yes, they can be team or relationship building exercises too!


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