What clients say about Sandhya

"Working with Sandhya has been a life-altering experience. I had come to her with what I thought was an unproductive work situation where I felt walled in by limitations and a depressed mindset. As our sessions progressed, she helped me gradually realise that the situation was stemming from my own personal boundaries or rather lack of it and the need for self-love. She made me aware that I needed to put myself before anybody else and give credit to myself for all that I have done to date. Each session ended with her leaving me with questions or thoughts to work on without being pushy about the answers. Sandhya has been an amazing listener and recognized the undertones of our conversation and addressed them at the end of each session, making me aware of the core issues that might be limiting me.

Since working with her, I have grown in so many ways than I would imagine and have achieved some personal and work milestones. I am still a work in progress but, I feel I am better armed now to tackle my personal and professional situations with persistent positivity and I am more in tune with my own self. I feel happier, confident, resilient and above all, I see myself continuously taking up challenges. In all this, I find myself often referring to bits of our sessions which steers me often to choose a path more suited for my overall well being. I feel like a better person each day and I can say that Sandhya’s coaching has influenced my life in ways I did not expect but am certainly thankful for, now and as I continue to grow. So thank you, Sandhya Krishnan! I cannot say it enough!"

- N (Name withheld on request) E-commerce Entrepreneur

"My meeting Sandhya was purely luck or destiny. I still do not know. But she is born to be a personal coach. She is a really great listener, I am very shy and anti-social by nature. But she tore down one by one all the walls I had built to protect myself. She was not only patient but a great listener also.


She is superb in making you feel comfortable and secure enough and she does this by building a rapport with you first. She invests a great deal of time and patience in making you feel secure and comfortable enough to open up to her. She always asks the right questions, which makeyou think and discover new facets about yourself that you never even knew existed. She is born to be a personal coach and will help you discover and grow to be the best person you naturally are."

- Rohini Shankar, Marketing and Customer Service Executive, Burgundy Box

"Sandhya has an instant ability to make you feel at ease on meeting her. Her keen insightfulness and ability to grasp and relate to the situation makes it easy to divulge and have an open-ended conversation with. Her genuine warmth and concern is a beautiful and albeit rare quality in today's world and I wish her nothing short of the best in her future endeavours. To be an intellect today is fairly easy, an empath, not. And Sandhya is a balanced blend of both.

Thank you Sandhya for helping me in my confused times. May you fly high personally and professionally and reach the successes you wish for."

-Shreya Anand, Founder & Creative Director, IYLA Clothing

"Straight talking Sandhya is what I would call her. She helps you get to the heart of the matter in a jiffy. And is a wonderful sounding board. One conversation and one feels sorted already! I kind of miss our sessions!"

-MahuaHazarika, Director at Rickshaw Communication & Design

"It was an enriching experience to have someone listen to your troubles and give you an unbiased opinion without being judgemental."

-Farhad Captain, Senior Partner Investments, Edelweiss

"I am so grateful to have you step into my life as my coach at a point where I really needed that support and help to see myself better. I was going through such a rough patch back then. I knew my problem and I knew my solutions, but I felt lost. It was through each one of our sessions, I learnt, I have within me the answers to my own questions. But with your guidance, I was able to find them by connecting the dots of my past with the future, weaknesses with self-empowerment, and addressing problems head-on rather than running away and getting lost again.    


Sandhya, you make a great Life Coach. The most important thing in this dynamic is, to be honest, and to fully speak from your inner being. Only then can a coach act effectively. What really helped me (someone who is always guarded and closed) is your seasoned warm personality and your ability to draw from your own life experiences which instantly put me at ease and helped me relate and slowly open up and speak from the nook of my inner fears and inhibitions. It’s very hard to expose and be as vulnerable to someone whom you barely know. But with you, it never was a challenge and that’s that innate quality that will make you a great coach. I hope more people get to help themselves through you wisdom and positivity."

-KeshavMurugan, Design Professional

"Sandhya is an amazing instructor and coach on wellness and productivity. Through all of my sessions with her, she listened closely to understand my particular concerns and needs and was really thoughtful and helpful in getting me to think through what my life/work priorities were and how I could act to foreground them in my daily life."

-S (Name withheld on request) Gender and Development Researcher

"I worked with Sandhya over a few sessions. I found her very clear and directed yet flexible. I was able to get a lot of clarity on what I needed to do at work and in my personal space to get past the areas I was feeling stuck. Thank you Sandhya and I wish nothing but the best for you in your journey."

-Neha Manekia, Director, Silverspoon Gourmet

"Thank you Sandhya for being a strong support at my time of confusion and loss. You have objectively guided me through my personal and professional issues. I appreciate your guidance in helping gain perspective. Much love, Salima"

-Salima Lalani, Fashion Stylist and Entrepreneur, Nazakat by Salima Lalani

"Hey sandhya. It was a wonderful session I had with you. I was having issues dealing with life that needed to be handled by a professional and you did it so well. I felt very light and relaxed after the session. Thank you once again."

-Deepa Fernandes, Teacher

"I have known Sandhya for over 6 years, 4 of which were spent working with her. I owe a lot of my personal and professional growth to her. Empathy and kindness are qualities I associate with Sandhya, she’s been the go to person for many like me for career, life and health advice, a life coach to many before she even decided to choose it as a career path."

-Shweta Bhave, Business Head at Peacock Life (Retail)

Sandhya is awesome - so funny, witty, self-aware, caring, charming and downright amazing! She's your go-to person for all things wellness, well being and life in general! If you need to induce conversations which lead to grand epiphanies, I highly recommend speaking with her.

—  Tehzeeb Lalani Proprietor - Scale Beyond Scale, Co-Founder,

Program Director - Nutritionist Entrepreneuship Program

When I met Sandhya, I was at a very low emotional point in life! I was going through a tough time at work with a very nasty colleague and work itself was not that great. She coached me through this time in my life in her own sweet way. Tough love, as they say. She made me realize that all the answers were with me and created an environment for that one hour when we used to talk, where I was calmly able to walk myself through what I was feeling and what I should be doing to get back and get better.


It was difficult to begin with as you start realize that you have to deal with your own problems on your own, irrespective of the support system you have. Her coaching style made me realize that you have you become stronger for yourself and push through in life and people can only show you the way. I would highly recommend Sandhya to anyone, apart from a coach she is a wonderful person.

—  Vivek - Sales and Marketing Professional

Thanks for coaching me through a time in my career when I was questioning my path and objectives. You are a wonderful listener and talking to you clarified much of my own thinking that had been hidden beneath the daily clutter. I appreciated that you were not directive and guided my thinking to let me find my own issues and solutions.

For instance, it was really interesting for me to realize how much I was driven by the need for peer recognition and with input from you, thinking about strategies that allow me to seek that out while contextualizing it within the composite nature of my work.

— Azad Oommen, Strategic Philanthropist in K-12 Education

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