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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

You’re sitting in the train, your workout this morning was less than spectacular and you’re feeling pretty lousy about not getting your best in, but can’t find a window in your day to get into your sweats and, well work up a sweat? Fret not, you have a secret weapon in your arsenal of fitness products, and that’s your own body weight. Say hello to isometrics.

What they are:

Isometrics are strength building exercises in which you squeeze your muscles, hold and don’t move and you’re still packing a punch! Think about pressing your palms in front of you and holding for 20 seconds while you’re sitting at your desk, or squeezing your glutes and holding while you’re in a long line for tickets. You’re working out while you’re sitting or standing still!

Why they’re good:

The first reason, is, of course that you can do them pretty anywhere, anytime. You can do them when you’re otherwise immobilized because of injury, or in a cramped space (elevator to the 80th floor), or when movement is restricted (long meetings).

They’re known to build strength and reduce blood pressure. They’re great for rehab and mindfulness too. Plus you can incorporate them into your Kenzai workouts and add an extra burn!

How to do them:

Assume the position, squeeze your muscle, breathe through your lower abdomen and count. Repeat as desired! Some great isometrics include:

Prayer pose – palms together and press hard. These can be done with your hands in front or behind your back.

High plank – straight back, squeeze the muscles of your upper back

Forearm plank – straight back, tighten abs hard

Low squat – thighs parallel to the floor and squeeze inner thighs

There are many more where those came from. Make isometrics a part of your daily workout, and indeed, a part of your daily life!

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