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Here's to the endgame!

As we near the end of our 100 Days of Focus (or indeed any project we undertake), there are some checks that need to be done that are specific to the end-game. Here are some:

1. Now's the time to get your measuring scales out - let the numbers talk. Take a good, hard look at the facts: exactly how many inches have you lost. How many good meals have you got in? If it's a business plan, how much of it is actually done. Count your days, hours, progress, without excuses. For no other reason than to give yourself accountability. Sharing it with me will strengthen that.

2. Once you've done that, take a breath...let's just look at things objectively - there's no need for adding emotion - whether it's elation or guilt or all the colors in-between. This is habit building. Do you have strong feelings about brushing your teeth? Probably not, right? Then there's no need for drama around the goals you're building towards either.

3. Do watch out for 'senioritis' though - it's a very real condition where we feel totally disengaged, lose steam, get turned off our goals when we're so close to the finish line. The reasons for these are many, and some have to do with over-ambitious goals, a fear of failure, or even fear of a finish line. Being aware of this, is the first step to addressing this.

All too often abandon a project at 80 or even 90% completion. Now you know why!

So that's about it from me. I'm struggling with my goals - somehow the third round for the year (for me it is) is turning out to be harder than the first two. But, such is life. I know I took on rather a lot. And I know I can do better with my time management. So that's all there is to it. We just soldier on!

Until then, see if this video helps you, and stay strong with your 100 Days of Focus!

Stay in touch and happy holidays!

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