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Focus can be built! We continuously labour under the belief that we are not focused, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When we break these patterns of negative thinking and labelling, we can consider taking a realistic approach to building focus. Each one of us has a different key to unlock that physiological block that will lead you your highest potential of productivity. It’s important to understand the science behind focus and the steps that we need to take to fulfil our goals. Knowing our ‘why’ is the first step. Then comes the how. Once we learn to find our flow, we can unleash our creativity, boost self-esteem, lower stress and anxiety, and revel in being in our essential and authentic selves. In short, you can find yourself (with a little help from Sandhya, the best life coach in Mumbai).

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A purpose-driven life gives you a meaningful existence. It gives you clarity so you can shape your life and make conscious decisions that take you in a particular direction rather than according to your whims and fancies, likes and dislikes (which are ever changing and endless)! When you have a purpose you also have values that will guide you with your views and decisions. Those who understand their purpose in life tend to be optimistic and hopeful with things around them. Positive living also gives way to new opportunities. You will value the relationships you are surrounded with, nurture them, and even build new bonds and will always cherish them once you understand all about your purpose in wellness coaching sessions. And no, they’re not classes where you’re being taught…it’s what’s already inside you!

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Habits of those things that we do without thinking about them actively. This happens because we have done the act repeatedly such that it has formed a super highway in our brain, so to speak! Thus, ‘breaking a bad habit’ just means that we need to teach our brains new ways to act. At first, this will have to be conscious and deliberate, and we have to learn to fight the pull of our old habits. But, in time, this will become the new normal. So, you can either reach out for a packet of cigarettes the first thing in the morning and or you could grab your shoes and go out for a walk – the good news is that you won’t have that choice to make each day, once the latter becomes a habit! Wellness coach, Sandhya will show you how habit formation can help you improve focus and productivity, save you time , improve your efficiency, make your brain active, and clear up space in your life for the things that are truly important to you, and those which you truly enjoy!

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It is vital that you have control over your emotions. While we are all human, we recognize that the truly masterful and successful people are the ones who have gained mastery over their impulses, their instinctive reactions, their outburst, their indulgences. However, you must understand that there is a difference between managing your emotions and suppressing them. And we must acknowledge the emotions such as loss and grief such as the denial of a promotion, or the loss of a loved one, and honour them. But we need to find resilience to bend and not break, no matter what storm comes our way. And the world today is stormy indeed! Learn everything about managing your emotions from the best life coach in India, Sandhya. 

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Mindfulness is both much heralded and dismissed as a fad. True mindfulness is no miracle. It is a practice as old as 5000 years and has been deeply and widely studied by scientists and researchers. From observing your thoughts without being judgemental to overcoming depressions, there are so many benefits that people speak of when they experience mindfulness. But understanding what it truly means for you is the first step to incorporating it into your life. You can learn to practice mindfulness through wellness coaching from Sandhya. Once you recognize it, you can reap the many benefits that it could offer . Mindfulness can make you more aware of yourself and your thoughts, and help you transact in this world professionally, interpersonally and in your own growth with deliberateness, compassion and quiet power.  You won’t be stumbling through life, but living life dynamically, consciously and joyously! 

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