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Aristotle said “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

100 days of focus is a completely free (of cost or gimmicks) action plan that builds microhabits and uses basic behavioural psychology to help you get there. 

The steps are simple:

1. Pick a goal

Pick a goal, or two or three. Make them as long term and as wide-reaching as you can visualise. The idea is not to make them just ends in themselves, but to roll into the New Year carrying them forward. This video will tell you more.

2. State your intention

Next up: state your intention. Write down these goals. This will clarify them in your own head. 

3. Tell our community

Tell people, tell our community of fellow habit builders. The more people who know about your goal, the greater the accountability you create. Pop onto our WhatsApp Group and just share your goals. Tell select family members, friends or even colleagues about them. If you can get someone to join you on this journey of a hundred days, that’s even better. There’s  strength in numbers.

4. Building habits = Investment

Building habits is like making an investment. You can only take out if you put in. So make time for those 20 minutes at the minimum. More is a bonus. Plan for contingencies, block time on your calendar, say no to other things if you have to. Things will be so much easier after the hundred days. But this, you owe to yourself. 

5. Stay activated, stay motivated

Stay active on the community, make time to watch videos – these will be your buffer, your cohorts when you feel low, unmotivated, or when life crowds in on you.

6. Believe in yourself

Trust yourself – everything you need is already within you. It’s just a matter of letting it come to the forefront, letting yourself bloom. 

7. Think big

Allow for your goals to manifest in ways that maybe even bigger than what you had planned! Allow yourself to have fun and to enjoy the ride. Above all else, be kind to yourself (and to others). 

Ready for the ride? We’ll have webinars we will answer questions live and you can meet the rest of the community. Or you can always email us at

Wait no more, jump right in!

Some ideas for goals leading up to the new year

  • Learning something new

  • Spending time with kids/partner 

  • Working out

  • Eating healthy 

  • Reducing/cutting out alcohol/social media/any other addiction 

  • Sleeping better-bedtime routine/number of hours 

  • Meditating-any form-including mindful activity 

  • Creating a business plan 

  • Exploring options for a better life/job/lifestyle 

  • Reading 

  • Writing a book/blog 

  • A DIY project 

  • Journalling

  • Reconnecting with friends/family 

  • Building a circle/networking - stepping out of your comfort zone 

  • Pursue/practice a hobby 

  • Good hydration (no you don’t need 8 glasses of water a day!)  

  • Anything you consciously desire!

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