Benefits of mindfulness practice include: 

- Lower stress, anxiety, worry

- Improved focus, concentration and attention

- Improved productivity, creativity, personal life

- Better adherence to fitness and food goals

- Reducing negativity and listlessness

- Creating firm boundaries, being able to say no

- Better sleep, sex, contentment

- Creating more confident employees

- Creating better leaders, listeners

- Creating a culture of tolerance, empathy and consciousness

- Creating happier workspaces

- Becoming more assertive, less belligerent

- Discovering your own goals, path, spirituality

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The perils of multitasking are now well established via research. But how do you bring your whole self, to your work, to your family, to the things that you want to do? How do you beat distraction, disengagement, busyness? 

Through my study of philosophy and mindfulness, and my over two decades in the work-space, I have devised workshops that can help you take pause, contemplate and centre yourself. It begins with the small things but how you do the little things, is how you do everything. 

I use secular, pseudoscience free, techniques that ask each participant to meditate upon, analyze and find his or her most fitting approach. It's not about forcing your mind into meditation or breathing. 

These workshops can be done in the workplace, at an offsite, or over the course of a specially organized retreat. They can be for an hour, half a day, a full day, two days, or even a weekend. I can do this with teams of 4 or 400! 


True Wellness

In a perfect world, we'd all be toned and going to the gym and eating quinoa salad, freshly made. But life is messy, and we've been busy, mindless or really, just uninspired or confused about what wellness or fitness even means. 

The media is no help - making us feel bad about ourselves and our choices, scaring us off certain foods one week, and exhorting the same as the next superfood, the next. In all of this what is one to believe, and where do you start? Especially when maintaining a 26-inch waistline or a 15-inch bicep is not your top priority, or indeed, any priority thus far. 

The fact is, true wellness is not about gyms or superfoods. It's about sustainable mind-body wellness, that even the busiest professional, new mom or manic creative can make time for. Like the great entertainer, P. T Barnum said, 'The foundation of success in life is good health; that is the substratum of fortune; it is also the basis of happiness. A person cannot accumulate a fortune very well when he is sick.' Wise words, but so often disregarded. 

I had to learn that the hard way, but you don't have to. As a wellness coach, I have studied sustainable health, including attitudes to food, our psychology, physiology, gender and age differences, muscle building, fatigue, the importance of good sleep and a healthy social circle on a balanced and healthy life. 

Fitness isn't about sweating it out in the gym, any more than mindfulness is about meditating for an hour a day. The role of a life coach is to find the path that is most suited to you, and one that can be kept up. And to help you stay committed. 

In my wellness workshops, I work with teams to bust food and wellness myths. I train people to look within themselves for their triggers to unhealthy eating and other habits - whether it's smoking, binge-watching shows or long work hours. We then find the most practical solutions, given each person's lifestyle and personality. 

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