Are you looking for someone to add value to a team gathering? A conference? An event?  I’m not a monk or nun, but I’ve pursued the study of conscious living for several years while navigating a varied professional career. I share stories and case studies and draw on first principles which are secular, rational and, I hope, engaging and entertaining.

My aim with any engagement is to create insights and to spark ideas. And what if this non-monk told you you didn’t have to sell your Ferrari? 

Some of my topics include: 

- Distraction and 'busyness' in the work-space

- How to improve productivity 

- What true wellness looks like

- How to build healthy habits

- How to stick to your resolutions

- How to find your life's calling

- How not to get frustrated and angry

- Mindfulness in everyday life

- What is mindful eating

- How to stay focused

- How to break unhealthy thought patterns

- How to develop a winner's attitude

- Banish stress for good

- Why we are superstitious

- Spirituality in a modern world

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